Italian Cream Soda, by sharon

I started making these again and thought I would share the recipe. A note: measurements mean nothing to me, especially when pouring shots or liquid. What matters to me is a count. Want to know how quickly to count? Pour liquid into a shot glass and try to remember how long and how fast it pours out. One shot is a count.

Really, as long as you keep counts consistent between liquids you’re mixing, everything will be fine. It’s the ratio, not the exact amount that matters.

So! Fill a tall glass with ice. You need almost equal amounts flavored syrup and soda. For a standard tall glass, something that can hold iced tea, I do 3 counts each. Stir those together. Then top off with 1-2 counts of half and half or milk. I prefer half and half, it’s just a better flavor all around. Stir again and adjust the taste. Not enough flavor? Add more syrup. Not creamy enough? Add more cream. Want it more bubbly? Add more soda. You’ll figure out what you like.

As far as syrup goes, I like Torani. It’s easy to find and comes in lots of different flavors (depending on where you buy it–some places have a bigger selection than others). I’m a vanilla cream soda girl, but can be talked into strawberry, raspberry, or really anything. Mix flavors! Go nuts!


2 Responses to Italian Cream Soda, by sharon

  1. Melissa says:

    Ok now you have made me hungry lol

  2. Connie says:

    Speaking of Torani, we have several bottles still in our pantry…do you want Dad to bring them when he comes your way later this month? You ARE the queen of Italian cream sodas!

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