The soup

Molly swears she won’t make this soup any more because she’s burnt out.  Me, though, I’m still good.  I love this soup for so many reasons.
1) It doesn’t require things like a recipe or precision
2) It’s easy
3) It gets better the next day
4) It’s filling and tasty

Kale and Sausage Soup

1 pack Italian sausage (I buy the links just in case I want it in slices on a given day.  But I usually take it out of the casing anyway).
1 bunch kale
chopped onion (1/2 or whole, depending on taste)
minced garlic (use fresh, stop buying jars!  1-2 cloves to taste)
48 ounces chicken broth
red pepper flakes

Chop the onion and garlic and set aside.  Stem the kale and tear into bite-size pieces, then rinse and strain.  Break the sausage into pieces into a large soup pot and sauté  briefly.  When sausage is about halfway cooked, add the onion and garlic.  Once the sausage is browned, add the kale and stir until it wilts.  Add the chicken broth and a little bit of the spices and allow to simmer for approximately 20 minutes.  Do not add a lot of the spices at this point–you need to allow the rest of the flavors to come together so you can tell what’s going on.  After a bit, taste the broth.  Add whatever you think it needs: red pepper, salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, white wine . . . whatever!  I usually stir in a little bit of half and half at the end to finish out the broth a bit.  Molly likes to add diced tomatoes and whipping cream to hers.  We agree that a little shaved Parmesan is great over the top.

And there it is!  A quick, wonderful soup that is healthy, fast, and yummy.


One Response to The soup

  1. shaaakspsyco says:

    I like sausage.

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