About the Authors

Sharon and Molly met as two recent transplants to Austin in June 2007 at a coffee shop. One semi-awkward greeting and 6 hours of conversation later, they decided that they should be friends. God bless craigslist.

After a year of meeting and talking about everything, but especially food, they cooked a couple of really great meals together. And thus, an idea for a blog was birthed on Molly’s porch while libations were being enjoyed.

Sharon grew up eating seafood and barbecue in Slidell, Louisiana. She still has a tendency to sprinkle Tony’s on everything she cooks if she can’t decide what to do otherwise. She learned to cook a lot of things from her father, and eventually started figuring some stuff out for herself. She is also gifted at sneaking pepper into dishes, and used white pepper for years and years just so her picky girlfriend wouldn’t see it in the food and complain.  She is the proud owner of a burn scar on her thumb from a spitting roux that left an honest-to-God dent in her skin.
Sharon can cook: Stir fry, Italian, gumbo, and Southern comfort food
But she wants to learn: Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, Greek, French, and baking

Molly grew up eating insane amounts of green chile in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She didn’t learn how to boil water until a few minutes ago but is an idiot savant with tomato sauces. She enjoys making up her own theoretical alcoholic drinks (Salty Dutchman = two jiggers vodka, several Dutch double-salt licorice candies), orders fried okra whenever it is on the menu, and thinks that there is no better smell on earth than onion and garlic sauteeing in olive oil. She has several scars on her fingertips from clumsily chopping vegetables.
Molly can cook: New Mexican food, tomato sauce, thanksgiving turkey, thai curry
But she wants to learn: everything else

You may contact us at fixintoeatATgmailDOTcom.


One Response to About the Authors

  1. Rob says:

    Love the recipes! Glad I found your site in a round-about way ( one of Sharon’s comments on AAG to the functionalwierdo to fix’intoeat – you just gotta love the web). Your Cafe Aulait reminded me of peurto rican coffe (the Cafe Bustella) – spent one summer in Puerto Rico doing housing rehab misson work (in Castaner and Aricebo) but got hooked on Cafe Rico (hard to find here in the states – don’t ship it off the island) with half&half and turbinado (sugar in the raw). Try Vietnamese Coffee – 1/2 chicory roast coffee (Cafe DuMonde is GREAT!) with 1/2 condensed milk ( a previous life half a world away thanks the the Army).
    Try adding small cubed potatoes to the Kale & Sausage soup for true Portugese Kale soup!

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