Holiday menu

December 20, 2009

Yeah, I haven’t posted anything lately. But I also haven’t been cooking anything new. Like, at all. I started a job a month ago that’s from 4-11 pm, and frankly, I don’t want to cook dinner when I get home. But I did spend a few consecutive weekends making giant meals for leftovers during the week. Which hasn’t happened in a week, since I’ve been laid up with a hellish head cold.

All that being said, I at least know what I’m cooking for Christmas. I just went out and braved the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon and got all the ingredients.  I plan on doing as much pre-cooking and prep as I possibly can before Christmas day, so I can just toss everything together and go.  We’ll be having:

Turkey (I missed out on Thanksgiving and I’m still mad about it)
Gravy (of course)
A HoneyBaked ham
roasted carrots and squash
cornbread-pecan dressing
broccoli-cheese rice
cranberry sauce
Double chocolate pudding

I thought about mashed potatoes, but I hate peeling them. Really, I hate it. And I’m only feeding four people, so I don’t need to make that much food.

You might be wondering about the chocolate pudding dessert. No pie? Really?  Well, yeah. I don’t want a pie. I’ve over pie. I want pudding. And this is a seriously evil pudding. It’s fancy enough to make someone go “Wow!” but nostalgic enough for the holidays.

And even though most of these dishes are standard, I’ll be posting recipes for them anyway. So stay tuned!